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Our Approach

Attention Driving Scheduling

By designating specific geo-locations for our photographers, they can spend more time on-site shooting quality photos and less time on the road traveling. This allows us to maximize scheduling potential and availability for our clients.

Real Estate is constantly changing

Weather plays a significant role in what can be done during a shoot. Therefore, we will send weather alerts two days before the scheduled appointment. If the weather does not look ideal for photographs/video, you will have time to reschedule.

Professionaly trained photographers

The Realkit photography team undergoes a rigorous onboarding program to ensure keen attention to detail that produces exceptional results. They are efficient, adaptable, and shoot what is appropriate for each listing. Our team understands the nuances of time management and maintains the balance between efficiency and thoroughness.

In-House Editing Team

Our in-house editing team consists of professionals trained in the unique style and methodologies of Realkit.  For instance, flash photos can be combined with bright and dark exposures, producing images that truly represent the special character of each listing. We use the same techniques as popular, high-end publications with an extensive checklist for editing, including multiple quality control points.

Fast Turnaround Times

With the unpredictability of the real estate market, we understand the importance for rapid delivery of photos. Our editing teams work around the clock to ensure that you quickly have the media needed to promote your listings. Our finalized photos are always delivered within 24 hours. Videos are provided within 48 hours.  

Communicative Customer Service

There is a friendly ethos and culture within Realkit that transfers over to our clients. We understand that there may be unfamiliar elements to scheduling and receiving media. We have years of research and development that have attributed to our abilities to address all of your questions and needs.

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

Building a solid relationship with our clients is our top priority. We want to understand your needs, goals, and vision for the future. We thrive on providing the utmost care and attention. The symbiotic nature between a realtor and their media team is critical to the success of both and can last for many years.